Web Design

A strong digital foundation starts with a fresh mobile and SEO friendly web design. Our approach is to build websites that are easy to use no matter what device they are viewed on while always focusing on ways to improve your conversions.

Our price model aims to be affordable for any small business on a budget, but also robust enough that it would appeal to bigger businesses who are frustrated with the high cost of custom design only to see it become outdated in a few years or less.

As a bonus we always include website hosting, unlimited website edits, daily back-ups, and security updates.

Here is a summary of what you will get when choosing our website design service:

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Note: If you want to own your website outright let’s chat – we have other flexible low cost solutions to suit your needs as well.

We had content creation down, but promotion was a whole other beast. Being able to offload this responsibility and know that it gets done for EACH post without thinking about it is a huge relief.
Michael Lambourne – Data Scientst / Content Chief @ LeadFuze

Landing Page Design

Landing pages are the perfect complement to any marketing campaign. We offer to develop one free landing page custom design for every 6 months of continuous web design service (a $500 value). It’s our way of saying “let’s win together” as we truly believe in this type of marketing and know with some great promotions behind the designs, the ROI can be off the charts.

There are two basic types of landing pages; Click-Through and Lead Generation.

  • Click through landing pages have the prime goal of getting a website visitor to “click through” to another page in effect to warm up the opportunity you are promoting. Most of the time the click through will lead to a shopping cart in ecommerce or a registration form.

  • Lead Generation or Lead Gen Landing pages are used to capture user data (first name and email a must). In most cases there is a giveaway or special offer associated with the visitors submission. are all commonly used to generate leads.

  • Ebooks
  • Whitepapers
  • Free Consultations
  • Free Trials
  • Gifts
  • Special Offer Coupons
  • Webinars

No matter what the purpose of your landing page the key to an effective one lies within the layout/design of the page. It must be clean, view well on all devices, and minimize the amount of distractions that may cause a visitor to lose focus on the end game of converting into a customer or lead.

At Upswing we take great pride in not only designing your pages but also in the sales messaging within the pages. This two sides of the brain philosophy separate us from those that strictly excel at the design phase.


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